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Pregnant woman caught driving under the influence

Oklahoma County Detention Center.
Oklahoma County Detention Center.

OKLAHOMA CITY, Ok — Authorities in Oklahoma say they took a pregnant woman into custody after she was caught driving under the influence.
The incident occurred on Jan. 21 around 1:45 a.m.
An Oklahoma police officer observed a vehicle that was driving without lights, blow through a red light near South Meridian Ave. and West Reno Ave.
When the officer conducted a traffic stop, he noticed that the woman, identified as Alexis Alexander, was pregnant and appeared to be impaired:
“As I was speaking with (her) I began to observe signs of impairment,” the officer reported. “(Her) eyes were red/watery and she would ‘space out’ when I was speaking with her. (Her) response time was delayed and her breath was also rancid.”
As the officer continued talking to Alexander, she self-admitted to smoking marijuana about two hours before she was pulled over.
She also told the officer that she was unaware that smoking marijuana could be harmful to the baby and that she smoked it because it helped her eat.
Authorities reported that they believe she was also under the influence of PCP.
The officer then asked Alexander when she was due and she told him Feb. 1st.
Due to how far along she was in her pregnancy, the officer had Alexander stay seated for a field sobriety test, authorities said.
Alexander was taken to a hospital for medical clearance and then released to the Oklahoma County Detention Center.
She is facing several charges including driving under the influence and child abuse by injury.