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Pregnant Florida mom cuffed at gunpoint for failing to pull over immediately

(BRADFORD COUNTY, FLA) — A Florida Deputy has resigned after being caught on camera handcuffing a pregnant woman at gunpoint during a traffic stop.

Deputy Jason Desue attempted to stop Ebony Washington for speeding and became angry when she instead drove to a well-lit area to pull over.

Deputy Desue handcuffed the mother of of three at gunpoint as her children watched from the car.

She explained to the deputy that she did not feel safe pulling over along the dark roadway.  Deputy Desue told her to “shut up, he didn’t want to hear it” and called her actions “shady.”

Bradford County Sheriff Gordon Smith said Deputy Desue’s actions were inappropriate and inconsistent with department policy.

He was asked to resign and he did after the video of his questionable actions was revealed.