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Powerful winds flip over school bus

school bus
Courtesy: AP Images

A Tennessee school bus driver is luckily uninjured after strong winds flipped over the bus he was driving.

The incident was reported Monday around 6:20 a.m. in the Trousdale County School District.

The bus driver Don Robinson, told authorities that he was inside of the bus warming it up when suddenly the weather outside changed. Robin says it began raining and then a strong wind came through that pushed the bus onto it’s side while he was still inside. The bus was then struck by a flying camper that had also been picked up by the wind.

“It wasn’t raining bad at all and the next thing I know it starts raining really hard,” Robinson said.

Robinson says he was thankfully uninjured and able to climb through the emergency door of the bus to safety but says his house, where the bus was stationed, was damaged during the incident.

Trousdale County School District Superintendent of Schools Clint Satterfield went out to the area to check up on the driver and says he believes a tornado is to blame.

“It’s unbelievable,” Satterfield said. “It looks like he was playing with a Matchbox set. It looked like he turned the bus over on its sides and then took up the camper and put it on top.”

The district is now evaluating the storm damage and closed schools on Monday.