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Port St. Lucie man bites off part of another man’s ear

Ap Photojohn Raoux (42)
Monroe County Sheriff’s Office

A Port St. Lucie man is now behind bars after he allegedly took a chunk out of someone’s ear during a trip to the Keys.

45-year-old James Lenn Williams was taken into custody on Thursday.

Authorities say Williams was on vacation with a group of friends when a woman in the group passed out at a marina. Williams then reported put the woman in a wheelbarrow to take her back to the hotel room. While the woman was in the wheelbarrow Williams then pour beer on her and insulted her according to witnesses.

A friend attempted to intervene in the situation and that’s when things began to escalate. Others jumped in, in an attempt to calm Williams down and that’s when he pushed the woman to the ground.

A scuffle began and Williams pushed another woman to the ground before tackling a male victim and choking him.

The victim told police that Williams managed to bite a chunk out of his ear while others attempted to separate them.

Williams has since been arrested and is facing charges of aggravated battery, battery by strangulation and battery.