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Porch pirate who uses women’s underwear as face mask finally caught

Tulsa Police Department
Tulsa Police Department

TULSA, OK — A porch pirate who is known for wearing women’s underwear as a face mask has finally been caught.
The Tulsa Police Department identified the suspect as Spencer Gougler after he stole a package from a home in the 8100 block of S. Maybelle Ave on January 6th.
Authorities say the homeowner had a security system and was able to provide officials with photos of the suspect.
With the help of Flock safety, authorities were then able to figure out the suspect’s vehicle information.
Authorities found Gougler at his home and showed up with a warrant.
He has since been taken to the Tulsa County Jail on five counts of larceny, knowingly concealing stolen property and grand larceny.