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Popular soccer coach arrested after videos showing him raping unconscious boys found on phone left at restaurant

(AP Photo/Jenny Kane, File)

Franklin, TN– A popular soccer coach in Tennessee has been arrested after several videos showing the rape of 10 unconscious boys were found on a phone that was accidentally left at a restaurant.
Authorities announced the arrest of 56-year-old Camilo Hurtado Campos Sunday after identifying him as the owner of the phone.
Officials say they were contacted by the restaurant after staff members discovered the videos while searching through the phone in an attempt to find it’s owner.
All of the victims appear to be between the ages of 9 and 17, and so far the department has only identified two of them.
Investigators learned that Campos used his job as a soccer coach to lure boys to his home:
“During off-hours, Campos frequented nearby school playgrounds in both neighborhoods [where he had lived] where he approached kids and recruited them as players on his team,” police said. “After gaining their trust, Campos invited many of the kids to his home where he drugged and then raped them.”
Authorities say they have discovered 10 victims while combing through the videos but there are hundreds of videos on the phone, and they believe there may be more victims.
“Detectives say that the children in these videos were in such an unconscious state, that they might not even realize that they are victims.”
Officials are hoping to identify the other victims and those who may have had contact with Campos.
As of Sunday, Campos remained behind bars on a $525,000 bond.