Pop-up Panel on #MeToo Rights of the Accusers vs the Accused

850 WFTL will host a panel on the #MeToo movement and the rights of the accused vs the accusers.

We will discussed with legal and healthcare specialists and a rape survivor what to do if you believe you have been sexually assaulted or harassed and what you can do if you believe you have been wrongly accused.

The panel will featured:

Rape survivor Julie Weil of Jupiter. Weil suffered every woman’s worst nightmare – she was brutally raped in front of her son and daughter while living in Miami-Dade County.
After her ordeal, Julie founded the Butterfly House, the county’s first centralized sexual assault response care center at Wellington Regional Medical Center.
Weil also worked to get SB 636 Florida’s rape kit law passed. The law was unanimously passed through both the Florida House and Senate and was signed by Governor Rick Scott.

Also on the panel,

independent journalist Laura Loomer.

Attorney William Julien of Boca Raton who defends employees in Boca Raton, Palm Beach, Broward and surrounding communities against discrimination, sexual harassment/assault and other mistreatment.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Dara Bushman, who has been treating women who have endured traumatic sexual assault at work, school and at home.



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