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Polk County Sheriff: Triple Murder Suspect “Pure Evil in the Flesh”

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd announced the arrest of three suspects in connection with the murder of three friends during a fishing trip on Friday. Grady says they arrested Tony “TJ” Wiggins, 26, his girlfriend Mary Whittemore, 27, and Tony’s brother “Robert” Wiggins. 21, in relation to the murders. Grady Judd Wiggins

Sheriff Judd calls TJ Wiggins “pure evil in the flesh.” He has 230 previous felony charges with 15 convictions while his alleged accomplices have no rap sheet. Sheriff Judd said that TJ Wiggins was in possession of an arsenal of weapons, as a convicted felon. He lawyered up. Mary says she bought the ammunition and Sheriff Judd says there’s video to prove it. She lawyered up. The three friends were slain just moments after gathering at remote boat ramp at Lake Streety in Frostproof. Judd, who has worked at the agency since 1972 called the murder scene “horrific,” describing the deaths as a “massacre.” He said the victims, identified as Damion Tillman, 23; Keven Springfield, 30; and Brandon Rollins, 27, were beaten and shot. Judd says the motive was an alleged stolen truck. Investigators have pieced together what they believed happened, Judd said while adding that Tillman and TJ Wiggins appear to have had a conversation at a store before the incident took place. Judd added the trio of suspects drove to an undisclosed location where they stripped down the gun, took it apart, and threw it away before going to a nearby fast food restaurant to eat.