Police Tie Orlando Rape Suspect to WPB Groping Case

(AP Photo/Eric Risberg)

An Orlando man was arrested in West Palm Beach on Tuesday on suspicion of sexual battery and allegedly groping a local teenager.

Detectives from the Orlando Police Department worked with West Palm Beach police to track down and take 36-year-old James Calixte into custody.

Orlando Police say they found DNA linking Calixte to a sexual battery in a neighborhood there.

The victim in that case was apparently trying to go into her house when Calixte assaulted her.

Meanwhile, a West Palm Beach police report identifies Calixte as the suspect in a Sunset Park groping case.

The report states that a 16-year-old and her cousin were walking to the park when Calixte approached them with “uncomfortable, sexual comments.”

The victim told police that Calixte rubbed her back and fondled her backside.

According to the report, “(The victim) felt abused, extremely uncomfortable, and in fear the suspect would attempt something worse.”

Police identified Calixte as their suspect through a photo the victim took of him.

“She sent a picture to the officer, we were able to develop a photo lineup, and she was able to positively identify him from the lineup,” says Police Sergeant David LeFont.

West Palm Beach Police are asking women who think that Calixte may have assaulted them to come forward by contacting the police department at (561) 822-1900.

LeFont adds, “We’ll be reaching out to the other police department and putting those cases together, basically develop a timeline of where the person was. And perhaps there’s other agencies that have other cases that maybe didn’t have enough evidence to charge him or we have a case where we didn’t realize this was the same person.”