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Police surround home of man accused of making threats towards police families

Police Car With Red And Blue Warning Lights

(CORAL GABLES, FL)– Coral Gables Police are reporting that they have surrounded the home of a man who has been threatening a police officer’s family members.
Authorities posted up outside of William Hartnett’s home on Camp Sano Avenue, near the University of Miami, around 5 p.m. Tuesday in an attempt to take him into custody.
As of Wednesday morning, authorities were still outside of Hartnett’s home.
This is not the first time Hartnett is wanted by police for making threats.
According to reports, Harnett was found guilty in 2021 for phoning in threats to the defense attorney representing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in the George Floyd trial.
He is still on probation for that case.
The exact circumstances surrounding this current incident have not been released.