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Police search for inmate who escaped local hospital

AP Photo_John Raoux (10)
Miami-Dade Police

Police are currently searching for an inmate who reportedly escaped custody while receiving care at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Northwest Miami-Dade County.

“He waited for the right moment to escape. He ran, officers ran after him but were not able to catch up to him,” said Miami Police officer Michael Vega. “Now we know that the subject had a cast on and he took it off.”

According to the report, 25-year-old Leskeil Shaquille Richards was taken to the hospital after a “rough” arrest around 4:45 p.m., Sunday near Northwest 18th Avenue and 62nd Street. Police said they pursued Richards after he blew through a red light and made an abrupt U-turn.

They ultimately decided to arrest the suspect on a “probation violation warrant issued for removing an ankle monitor in place for a prior robbery, battery, carrying a concealed firearm, and giving a false name to law enforcement offense,” Miami’s interim police chief Michael Vega said.

Bystanders filmed the arrested showing Richards kneeling in the street with his hands behind his back and his head restrained as two officers appear to beat him.

In the police report, authorities say Richards was resisting arrest with force so force on their end was also needed:

“I then re-directed the defendant to the ground. Physical force was used on the defendant. During this physical force, Det. Socarras was attempting to handcuff the defendant at which point the defendant grabbed Det. Socarras’s right wrist preventing the handcuffing. The defendant grabbed Det. Socarras’s right wrist with force causing pain as he was digging his fingers hard into her wrist. This incident was caught on body worn camera.”

A perimeter set up to capture Richards, however as of Tuesday afternoon, authorities are still searching for him.

Richards is said to live in Broward County, and it is possible that someone may have been waiting for him outside of the hospital to aide him in his escape.

Authorities consider Richards dangerous and are asking the public to call 911 if he is spotted.