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Police say a North Carolina man set woman on fire

North Carolina police say a man is accused of pouring a flammable liquid on a woman and setting her on fire while she drove alone in her car.

Police found Khloe McNeal, 24, of Kinston on a sidewalk with severe burns on her body. McNeal told police that she was driving and when she came to a stop a man approached her car, and threw the flammable liquid on her and set her on fire.

Police say the suspect and the victim did not know each other.

41-year-old Venice Taylor was arrested during a traffic stop in Kinston on Monday night. Taylor faces charges of attempted murder, malicious maiming and resisting public officials, among other counts.

As for the victim, she was sent to a burn center, and her condition remains unknown as of right now.

The chief called it a “heinous” crime. “I’ve never seen such a breach of humanity,” he said.