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Police say couple ignored pregnant woman’s cries for help while she was being beaten to death

Greenville County Sheriff's Office
Greenville County Sheriff’s Office

(MARIETTA, SC)– Two more people have been arrested for the brutal beating death of a pregnant 22-year-old woman after authorities found that they refused to help her despite hearing her cries for help.
43-year-old Michael Burnett and 49-year-old Melissa Burnett were taken into custody over the weekend on charges of misprision of a felony in the murder of Clarissa Winchester.
The Greenville County Sheriffs office says Winchester, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, was beaten for nearly two hours by her boyfriend and the child’s father Tyler Wilkins.
Authorities say the Burnett’s were home at the time of the beating but “failed to act, call 911, or provide any other assistance.”
Winchester was left with fatal injuries to her head and neck, and was found dead in the home along with the body of her fetus.
Authorities did not say whether the child was born or was stillborn but Wilkins is facing charges of unlawful conduct toward a child for allegedly failing “to seek medical attention for the recently born fetus.”
Officials reported on Monday that the Burnetts are Wilkins’ aunt and uncle and have both since posted bond.
Wilkins is also a suspect in the case of a 19-year-old who has been missing since October of 2020.
According to reports Jorden Nebling was last seen after going to visit an ex-boyfriend. Her stepmother told reporters that the ex-boyfriend is Wilkins.
“In my heart, I think he did something to her,” Mary Tucker told Foxnews.
Wilkins has not been charged with Nebling’s disappearance.