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Police investigating ex-boyfriend of 23-year-old after her body was found

Vermont State Police
Vermont State Police

Police have named the ex-boyfriend of a previously missing woman as a person of interest in her disappearance and murder.
23-year-old Mary Anderson was found dead in her truck in Brattleboro, Vermont Tuesday morning.
Anderson was reported missing on Sunday after failing to return to her family’s home in Harvard, Mass the night before.
Her family told police that she was supposed to be visiting a friend in Hudson, N.H. when she disappeared.
On Wednesday police announced Mary’s ex 34-year-old Matthew Davis, as a person of interest.
According to a family friend, though they broke up in November of 2021 and it was not a good breakup. The friend also told investigators that Matthew still contacted Mary often and was trying to get back with her:
“I know when they broke up it was a rough break up. He didn’t want it and I know that Mary told me that he was texting her to try to get back together,” Sheila told the station of the couple’s split, in late 2021. “I just know that Matt had anger issues and I knew that through Mary.”

Investigators also reported that they discovered Davis’ car about a quarter mile from Anderson’s home during their search on Monday.

Davis was shot and killed Tuesday during a confrontation with officials in Brattleboro when they went to question him.
Davis was fired on by three officers after he was found walking in a wooded area holding a knife.

He was said to have died at the scene.

The investigation into both deaths is ongoing.