Police: Bigfoot is Missing in Boynton Beach

Photo courtesy: Boynton Beach Police Department

A Boynton Beach retail store asking for your help… in tracking down Bigfoot.
Police in Palm Beach County are on the hunt for Bigfoot. Not a flesh and blood Sasquatch, but an 8 foot, 300 pound statue of the legendary ape-like creature.

“Bigfoot is missing!” Boynton Beach police tweeted to their community. “Someone stole the 8-foot, 300-pound Sasquatch statue from in front of Mattress Monsterz last month.”

The statue, which police say is worth 3 thousand dollars, was stolen from a mattress store in Boynton Beach between October 6 and 13, but the store didn’t realize it was missing because it was buried in other large decorations outside for Halloween.
No surveillance video of the theft, but police say they’re confident it will turn up because “it’s not exactly the easiest thing to hide.”