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Police arrest man who shot a Daytona Beach police officer

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Police have arrested the man who shot a Daytona Beach, Florida, police officer in the head Wednesday night.

Daytona Beach Police arrested Othal Wallace, who was hiding in a treehouse.

During a press conference at 5:30 a.m. Saturday, Chief Jakari Young said police found Wallace in a property located in a wooded area, in Atlanta.

In the area next to the main house were a trailer and a treehouse. Wallace was hiding in the treehouse with flash bangs, Young said.

“Rifle plates, body armor, two rifles, two handguns and several boxes of ammunition were also in the treehouse,” he said. “Other weapons were also located in the main residence.”

Young said the property is affiliated with an organization called the Not F****ng Around Coalition, a Black nationalist paramilitary organization.

Four other people were located on the property along with Wallace.

The investigation is ongoing.

The Daytona Beach police officer, identified as 26-year-old Jason Raynor, was responding to a suspicious incident Wednesday, when Wallace shot him, the department said. He is currently in critical condition, authorities said.