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Police arrest man who sent death threats in group chat and then attempted to start a fire

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Police have arrested a man who allegedly attempted to start a fire in Oakland Park by pouring gasoline on an SUV. 

According to Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies, 25-year-old Christian Villacis stands accused of pouring liquid on the car and driveway of a home, Wednesday.

A neighbor told police they smelled gasoline and saw Villacis with a gallon of “something.” When the neighbor walked outside he saw Villacis skateboard away and flames about 3-4 feet high. 

In surveillance video, the man could be seen pouring liquid down to the road. About 10 minutes later, a fire sparks, but the fire never reached the vehicle.

The SUV’s owner, who spoke anonymously, said the day’s weather helped stop the flames.

“It was a rainy day, and luckily, the water on the driveway stopped the gas that he poured all over the driveway get into the car,” he said.

The owner added he has never met Villacis prior to the alleged incident.

Villages was charged with attempted arson. Deputies said he also threatened to kill friends and associates in a WhatsApp group he created.

“I will go ahead and burn [expletive] down and hopefully stab someone,” Broward County Circuit Judge Tabitha Blackmon read off Villacis’ arrest report. “Now, I will kill you. [Expletive] you stupid pieces of [expletive].”

At one point, according to the arrest form, one of the group chat members asked “What is this group that I got put in?”

“And then the defendant allegedly responded, ‘The group to know I’m about to kill people,’” Blackmon said.

On the same day, deputies said Villacis posted a disturbing video to Instagram.

“Where it showed him cutting his forehead, which caused blood to drip down his face and into his mouth,” Blackmon said. “He then looks into the camera and says, ‘So I can kill you [expletive].’”

The 25-year-old’s bond was set at $200,000.

“If he’s able to post bond, pre-trial release level one with a GPS strict house lockdown,” Blackmon said.

The court also ordered Villacis not to make contact with any of the victims.