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Police arrest Boynton Beach man after wife’s remains were found in backyard

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Boynton Beach police have made an arrest after finding human remains were found at a home on Southeast 28th Court. 66-year-old Roberto Colon was arrested early Saturday after his wife’s remains were found in the backyard of his Boynton Beach home. He was booked into the main Palm Beach County jail on a charge of first-degree murder. Colon’s wife, Mary Stella Gomez-Mullet, 45, had been missing since Feb. 20th after a 911 caller told police she had not heard from her since the afternoon of Feb. 18 when she was headed to Colon’s home.

Colon later told police that he married the missing woman “after meeting her as part of a deal that she would take care of his mother in exchange for U.S. citizenship through the marriage.” Colon had accused Gomez-Mullet of defrauding his mother out of several thousand dollars over several months. Police say Colon and Gomez-Mullet got into an altercation and Colon had “fired” his wife. Colon told police that Gomez-Mullet was gone and he didn’t know where she went, however, a bloody purse belonging to Gomez-Mullet was found near his home. When police interviewed Colon, he said that Gomez-Mullet had bumped into a wall but denied she suffered any injuries and said he did not hurt her. Detectives found several red markings, later confirmed to be blood, on the front door to Colon’s home. Colon told detectives the blood came from a cut he got doing work on the house. Later, when told blood was found in a garage/workshop, Colon said he hadn’t noticed it, but one of his dogs had died there about five years ago.  He also told police he had buried about six of his dogs in the backyard. “Find the body,” Colon yelled to detectives. As detectives left, Colon said to them with a smirk, “Well, at least you didn’t find a body at my house.” He was later arrested. During a search of the backyard Friday, investigators found human remains that were positively identified as belonging to Gomez-Mullet.