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Police arrest 4 people accused of stealing French bulldogs in Port St. Lucie

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(Courtesy: St. Lucie Police)

(PORT SAINT LUCIE, FL) – Police in St. Lucie have arrested four suspects who they say stole more than a dozen French bulldogs valued at more than $100,000 from a St. Lucie home.

Officials took the suspects in to custody, and have recovered most of the dogs. 13 of the 20 dogs are still missing.

The four people, who are yet to be identified, are facing charges of theft.

In November, PSL officials obtained surveillance cameras showing a suspect walking to the back of the home where the dogs were, and moments later video shows the driver of a silver Sedan pull up on the grass, and then drive away. The side window of the owner’s home was left shattered

Police are asking the public for their help. “If you recognize these suspects, and you think you bought a dog from them, that would be the first indicator, but also if you’ve paid a price that you know is below market value in the Palm Beach to the Treasure Coast area, please reach out,” said a detective.

Police said they are still looking for the remaining 13 dogs and they are not ruling out the possibility of additional suspects.