UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast

UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast will shed light on the latest findings by the US government’s newest task force UAPTF and the phenomena that remain in the shadows.

Stephen Diener and Karen Curtis from the South Florida Morning Show, take on all of the stories and unanswered questions that were ignored by the government in their findings. The report only focused on 144 sightings of UAP dating back to 2004, 80 of which had been detected by multiple sensors, according to the DNI’s office. Moreover, “a handful” of the documented UAP “appear to demonstrate advanced technology,” the report said.

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Latest Episodes

UAP EP 27: Ancient Alien Artifacts: Fact or Fiction?

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EP 26: The Oddities of Skinwalker Ranch

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UAP EP 22: Secrets of the Moon part 2

We wrap up our discussion on the moon and what kind of secrets are possibly being kept from us. If you’ve ever seen a UFO, then you are not alone….

UAP EP 21: Secrets of the Moon

It’s the start of season 3 and the beginning of a special two-part series on the moon. We explore the validity of the so-called “father of remote viewing” and his…

UAP EP 19: The Curious Case of Andrew Basiago

Imagine being able to time travel and see the Gettysburg Address, or having the technology to teleport to different locations such as Mars. Well, according to Andrew Basiago, he actually…

UAP EP 18: Other Roswell's

You’ve of course heard of the Roswell UFO crash, but these other UFO/UAP crash stories are just as fascinating if not more consequential than its original namesake from New Mexico….