UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast

As the US government now admits UFO's/UAP's are real, alien enthusiasts, Stephen Diener and Karen Curtis shed light on shocking past encounters that still remain in the shadows, despite the government's report. 

UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast will shed light on the latest findings by the US government’s newest task force UAPTF and the phenomena that remain in the shadows.

Stephen Diener and Karen Curtis from the South Florida Morning Show, take on all of the stories and unanswered questions that were ignored by the government in their findings. The report only focused on 144 sightings of UAP dating back to 2004, 80 of which had been detected by multiple sensors, according to the DNI’s office. Moreover, “a handful” of the documented UAP “appear to demonstrate advanced technology,” the report said.

In this debut episode, Diener and Karen discuss those findings along with one very famous case that was conveniently left out.

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