UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast

UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast will shed light on the latest findings by the US government’s newest task force UAPTF and the phenomena that remain in the shadows.

Stephen Diener and Karen Curtis from the South Florida Morning Show, take on all of the stories and unanswered questions that were ignored by the government in their findings. The report only focused on 144 sightings of UAP dating back to 2004, 80 of which had been detected by multiple sensors, according to the DNI’s office. Moreover, “a handful” of the documented UAP “appear to demonstrate advanced technology,” the report said.

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Latest Episodes

UAP Bonus! Hollywood and Aliens – Are They in the Know?

In this quick bonus episode, Stephen and Karen discuss some of the parallels that we see in Hollywood to today’s world when it comes to alien phenomena. Is it all purely happenstance and entertainment? Or does the movie industry play a bigger role than we realize?

UAP EP 51 Thomas Jefferson & The Louisiana UFO

It’s hard to mistake an airplane for a UFO if airplanes weren’t invented yet! We have some real head scratchers in this one about sightings that took place in the 1800’s that even had us searching for answers. Also, what did Thomas Jefferson know about all this?! We have it all for you right here in this latest episode of UAP.

UAP EP 50 California's Bug Problem – The Mantis Abductions

If the thought of alien abduction wasn’t creepy enough, imagine getting taken by an alien that is a giant Praying Mantis! These stories are absolutely startling and even more fascinating when you start to realize they are all happening in the same area off California’s coast. Do they have underwater bases? This episode is loaded…

UAP EP 49 The Peruvian Key – Unlocking Real Evidence of Alien Life

An ancient culture that pre dates Mesopotamia has been discovered in Peru that might hold the answers to some of our biggest questions about alien life on earth and in the cosmos. Some of the things found there are absolutely eye opening. Including these skulls that don’t match up with human DNA…

UAP EP 48 The Other Worldly Secrets of Sound part 2 – The "God" Frequency

What did Nikola Tesla and the ancient people of Malta have in common? Maybe more than we realized, including knowledge of something referred to as the “God” frequency. And how did the CIA end up accidentally communicating with the Greys? It all comes together here in this concluding episode of the Secrets of Sound…

UAP EP 47 The Other Worldly Secrets of Sound part 1

Did the ancients have it all figured out? We explore what ancient Greeks like Pythagoras and Herodotus knew about the secrets of sound and how something called acoustic levitation might be the missing link to every question surrounding structures like the Pyramids and Stonehenge.

UAP EP 46 The Alien Hybrid Agenda part 3 – Mother's of a New Race?

It’s the third and final part of our alien hybrid agenda series and we saved some of the best for last. Diener and Karen discuss these women who say that they have been chosen to be mother’s of a new alien/human race and that they have relationships with their alien children! You can make up your own mind after you hear their stories…

UAP EP 45 The Alien Hybrid Agenda part 2 – My Alien Love Child

In part two of our alien hybrid agenda series, we introduce you to a woman named Elizabeth Klarer who gives us the most unbelievable alien encounter story we have ever heard! A planet named Meton, an alien suitor named Akon, and the supposed birth of their hybrid baby. It’s an interstellar love story for the ages that you simply must hear to believe.

UAP EP 44 The Alien Hybrid Agenda part 1 – Abductee Experimentation

What if there’s more to some of these alien abduction stories then we thought? Is a new race of alien/human hybrid beings their ultimate endgame? The stories that you are about to hear might change the way you look at this entire phenomenon, especially after you listen to this one hypnotic regression session from an abductee victim. Get ready for part one of this staggering three part series.

UAP EP 43 The Grisly Abduction of SGT John Lovette & New Disclosures

At the end of last weeks episode, we promised you the gruesome abduction story of SGT John Lovette and we did not disappoint. Get ready for this one. And how does it connect to something called file 13? Plus, should we be encouraged or discouraged after the Congressional hearings on UAP’s? There’s much more than you’d think to unwrap from that session…