UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast

UAP – Unidentified Alien Podcast will shed light on the latest findings by the US government’s newest task force UAPTF and the phenomena that remain in the shadows.

Stephen Diener from the South Florida Morning Show, take on all of the stories and unanswered questions that were ignored by the government in their findings. The report only focused on 144 sightings of UAP dating back to 2004, 80 of which had been detected by multiple sensors, according to the DNI’s office. Moreover, “a handful” of the documented UAP “appear to demonstrate advanced technology,” the report said.

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Latest Episodes

UAP Weekly 6-1-23 NASA’s Alien Briefing & Paige Fox Interview

In this UAP Weekly update, Stephen Diener breaks down the historic UAP hearing from NASA and discusses what should be the biggest takeaways. And could we see the UAP topic head to court? Paige Fox joins the show to talk about how she is using her prowess as an attorney to take this conversation to uncharted territories. Wait until you hear the dream team she is assembling as well…
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UAP EP 69 Mysteries Down Under – Sightings in Australia

Could it be possible that a UFO abducted a pilot in midflight? We explore what may have happened to a man named Fred Valentich. And how do you explain away a close encounter that had over 200 witnesses? Just tell them it never happened. Wait until you hear these accounts from the Westall High School mass sighting. All that and more on this PART 1 edition of Australian sightings…
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UAP Weekly 5-23-23 Reverse Engineering Out in the Open?

This week, Stephen Diener covers some shocking statements that were made out in the open recently by Dr. Gary Nolan. Are these whistleblower claims of reverse engineering true? And how much does Congress know now? The game could be changing. Hear all the latest right here…
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UAP Weekly EP 1 – Nick Pope Interview

If you love UAP (The Unidentified Alien Podcast) with Stephen Diener, then you are really going to enjoy UAP Weekly! In this new podcast, Stephen brings all the flavor of UAP, but with a new twist as he discusses all the latest news and notes from the UFO world that you won’t hear anywhere else. You’ll also hear from top minds and witnesses within the UFO community in exclusive interviews. Such is the case in this inaugural episode where Stephen sits down with Ancient Aliens host and UFO expert, Nick Pope. Nick discloses some of the most amazing cases he worked on as the head of the British Ministry of Defense and how he sees the current landscape regarding government disclosure. Should we be looking out for some changes this Summer?…
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UAP EP 68 The Mosul Orb Cover Up

Did the government just reveal the existence of a true UFO? Yes, they did, but only with half truths. On this episode of UAP, we fill in the blanks as Stephen Diener reveals what his inside source had to tell him about the baffling case of the Mosul Orb. Plus, a sneak preview at a new UAP project on the way…
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UAP EP 67 Whistleblowers: NASA & Astronaut Disclosures

If only there were astronauts or someone who worked at NASA that would be willing to come out and speak about what they know concerning UFOs/UAP and aliens, than maybe people would pay attention. Well, turns out, there’s been quite a few who have done just that, and we have them right here. Stephen Diener discusses some of the most compelling whistleblower testimony you may ever hear, on this episode of UAP. After you listen to these stories, you might ask yourself, why would they lie?…
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UAP EP 66 “Top Secret” part 2 – Tonopah Test Range aka Area 52

There are many highly guarded bases around the country, but very few are more classified than the Tonopah Test Range in Utah. What exactly is being done there? Maybe more importantly, what has already been done? We take a deep dive into the top secret installation that many refer to as “Area 52” and the futuristic tech that has reportedly been seen at the location. You’ll have to make up your own mind when you hear some of these stories…
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UAP EP 65 “Top Secret” part 1 – Project Montauk

It’s time to take a look at some top secret military installations! In fact, there’s so much ground to cover that it need to be broken up into two episodes. In this part one, we explore the theories and maybe even unbelievable tales that surround an infamous experiment labeled, Project Montauk…
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UAP EP 54 New Evidence & Government Disclosures

There’s some weird stuff going on within the US government right now as it pertains to the UFO discussion. Did they really just acknowledge “non man made” craft? And why are they now saying that the threat they pose to national security is “expanding exponentially”? Also, did we just find out that one of the most famous UFO photos of all time is the real deal? All this new information really could change everything…
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UAP Episode 64: Golden Blood and Alien Engineering

What is Rh negative blood and where did it come from? Stephen Diener goes down the rabbit hole in this one as we look at some strange facts that might point to possible alien intervention within our DNA. Could it go all the way back to prehistoric times with a newly discovered “human like” race? There is much to consider here…
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