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The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 8-3-22

Man, another legendary sports figure has passed away. We rememeber the life and times of Vin Scully. And this might be a feel good story of another kind. We’ll tell you about the 80 year old store owner who defended him self against a would be robber!…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 8-3-22

A very big day for state primaries. Some of these results could be a big sign of things to come for November. We have the details on that. And could you imagine doing some rock climbing and then all of a sudden Tom Cruise repels down a helicopter right in front of you! This is a great story…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 8-3-22

Now that her Taiwan trip is over, what is some of the fallout from Nancy Pelosi’s visit? Apparently, her message is much different than Biden’s. And here’s a nice feel good story, a mother and daughter got to pilot a plane together!

The South Florida Morning Show HR 1 8-3-22

Oh boy, the Miami Dolphins became a national story with this tampering stuff they got caught with. We have all of the details on that one. And imagine almost getting accidentally evicted! It happened to this Florida woman. Wait until you hear this one…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 8-2-22

Wow, talk about family drama. Imagine your own mom leaving you out of the will! It happened to the Judd daughters, apparently things got ugly at the end there. And try to imagine turning down 800 million dollars! Tiger Woods actually did this, we’ll tell you why.

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 8-2-22

Kamala did not shy away from making demands during her stop in Miami yesterday. We’ll tell you what she had to say about the “climate crisis.” And wait until you hear the details on what this drone missile was like that killed that Al-Qaeda leader. They call it the “blender” missile…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 8-2-22

Well, it looks like Pelosi is on her way to Taiwan. We have the latest from that story and the update on how China is responding. And what’s going on in Jacksonville with these sharks? Hmm, may want to be careful over there…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 1 8-2-22

Wow, we get to start off with good news! We have the details on the Al-Qaeda leader that we killed yesterday and what Biden had to say about it. And could we see some big news coming out of baseball? Another sports team moving to Vegas?…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 8-1-22

Breaking news out of the NFL. The decision has been handed down on the Deshaun Watson case. We’ll tell you how many games he is going to miss this season with the Cleveland Browns. And could you image losing your wedding dress? How about an airline losing it instead? It happened to this woman…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 8-1-22

Well this should be interesting. It looks like Nancy Pelosi is going to visit Taiwan afterall. We’ll give you all of the updates on that. And how much money is your favorite NFL team worth? Wait until you hear how much money Jerry Jones has made with the Cowboys…