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The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 8-10-22

There’s a lot of talk about the raid at Mar-A-Lago. What will the consequences be for the dems? And what was on the warrant? We have details on that. And it was the hug heard round the world. We take this feel good story from a little league game and turn it around like only we can…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 1 8-10-22

Well, the White House press briefing went just as well as we thought it would. This was a disaster for the Biden administration as they tried to explain the Trump raid. And it’s the first day of school! There’s a few issues to look out for as kids head back into the classroom…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 8-9-22

How did DeSantis respond to last night’s raid at Mar-A-Lago? You know he was going to have a strong stance against it. We’ll tell you what he had to say. And college football is back! Well, almost. We get to talk about the newly released preseason top 25 coaches poll.

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 8-9-22

If you want a legal point of view from the Trump raid last night, then we got it for you. Alan Dershowitz puts it in real simple terms here. And this is concerning. Taiwan has come out with a statement that they feel China is preparing to invade. We have the latest.

The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 8-9-22

We take some time to remember Olivia Newton John after the sad news of her passing last night. John Travolta had something to say too. And Dan Bongino was on fire last night talking about the Trump raid. You have to hear this…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 1 8-9-22

What was your reaction to the raid of Mar-A-Lago last night? Well, we cetainly have ours. We go over all the details. And can we ask this question, why are we sending more billions to Ukraine?

The South Florida Morning Show HR 4 8-8-22

What’s going on with that Brittney Griner prisoner swap? Russia apparently wants to fast track this deal. We have the latest there. And there’s more bodies being found at the bottom of lake Mead! Oh boy, some old mob secrets being unearthed?…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 3 8-8-22

Wow, what a wild story this is. Remember the actress, Anne Hache? Well, she may not survive the accident she just had. And she burned down someone’s house in the process! And speaking of crazy stories, wait until you hear about the guy who died in a freak accident at the Scottish highland games! Geez…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 2 8-8-22

Where has all that money gone that we have sent to Ukraine? Believe it or not, CBS actually has a story about what could be a major scam. And is that a new planey or star that we have never seen?! Nope, that’s a Chorizo…

The South Florida Morning Show HR 1 8-8-22

The inflation reduction act passed! Yay! Oh wait, it’s actually going to make things worse. We’ll tell you what’s happening there. And what the hell was Nancy Pelosi talking about here? Digging to China?…