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Joyce's Thought of the Day 11/6/20

We pride ourselves on a peaceful transition of power but suspicions abound in battleground states. Did the dead come back from the grave to vote? Let’s find out.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/06/20

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the election and how the democrats are rigging the results. She talks about the new media and how they have been working against Donald…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/05/20

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about the election and the tricks the left are pulling. Somehow the thousands of ballots have been found after election day all for Joe Biden….

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/04/20

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about the election results that are slowly coming in. She still thinks President Trump will win his election, however, not matter what happens, America is…

Joyce's Thought 11-4-20 AM

It’s the morning after the election and there still isn’t a clear winner as of 10:00 AM. Lawyers and rioters are standing by. Having fun yet?

The Joyce Kaufman Show 11/03/20

Today is Tuesday! Election day! Joyce talks about the possible outcomes of the election. She talks to Kimberly Guilfoyle about the Spanish vote and how proud they are of President…