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The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-4-2021

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about a dream she had. She discusses the Biden’s visit with the Carters. The woke culture has shown the world that you have to apply…

Joyce's Thought of the Day 5/4/21

Cities in the northwest have bowed to mob rule and now they’re paying the price. Don’t let your leaders give into the mob.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-3-2021

Today is Monday! Joyce talks about how parents are taking back their power and get in the face of the schoolboard and government officials. Rob Law from the Center for…

Joyce Kaufman: No Restraint Ep. 39

Today I talk about our kids. What will be the long lasting effects of the lockdown on them and how will the liberal push for ‘equity’ in education impact them?…

Joyce Kaufman: No Restraint Ep. 38

I’ve gotten the jab. So has my husband. And though the government keeps telling us to ‘follow the science’ they can’t seem to get the science right! It’s getting old,…

Joyce's Thought of the Day 4/30/21

Oklahoma has banned ‘Critical Race Theory’ from its schools and offices. This is great news for America, and it all started right here in Florida.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-30-2021

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about those who serve in the US Army and the sacrifices they and their families constantly make. Joyce discusses how we’ve lost our sense of…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 4-29-2021

Today is Thursday! Joyce talks about Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Uncle Tim is trending after Tim Scott’s response to Joe Biden’s speech. Joyce talks about how the…