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The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-10-2021

Today is Monday! Joyce talks about America’s changing principles. COVID isolation has taken negativity online. Joyce discusses faith in America and the National day of Prayer. Joyce talks about COVID…

Joyce Kaufman: No Restraint 5/7/21

If you value your privacy, you need to to listen to this show. Government surveillance of citizens isn’t a tin-foil hat conspiracy, it’s real and it violates your rights.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-7-2021

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the corruption on the left. AOC names Planned Parenthood a heroic establishment… Jobs numbers came out today and unemployment numbers are up while businesses…

Joyce's Thought of the Day 5/7/21

Gov. DeSantis has a plan to put people back to work. May is the last month people will be able to collect unemployment without proving they’re looking for work. Get…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-6-2021

Joyce talks about Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and how she stands to gain millions with a new company that the president has been touting. Joyce discusses the current state of…

Joyce's Thought of the Day 5/6/21

As the economy comes back employers are having a hard time finding workers due to generous unemployment benefits. Montana has a very novel solution to this. Florida, take note!

The Joyce Kaufman Show 5-5-2021

Today is Wednesday Cinco de Mayo! Joyce talks about Mexican history and inventions that you might have not known originated in Mexico. Former Mayor of Shiloh David Rubin, calls in…

Joyce's Thought of the Day 5/5/21

Has the Biden/Harris administration been cooking the books with the census numbers? Some surprising revisions were made and they all seem to benefit blue states. Hmmm…

Joyce Kaufman: No Restraint Ep. 40

Let’s talk about freedom. What is it, who gives it to us, and how can it be taken away? You don’t have to go very far to get the answer….