The Joyce Kaufman Show

South Florida’s leading independent voice. If you’re looking for a partisan cheerleader, call the Miami Heat Dancers! Always fair, and slightly unbalanced! Weekdays 12PM to 1PM on News Talk 850 WFTL

Latest Episodes

The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-13-23

Joyce talks about modern media, careers and lives being ruined by cancel culture, freedom of speech, and the banking fiasco. Eric Glazer from Condo Craze and HOAs talks about new regulations and special assessments, that will cost billions for condo owners and possibly cause them to lose their homes.
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The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-10-23

Joyce talks about the new details on the January 6th riot and how everything appears to be staged. She talks about trust in the media, crime, and San Francisco residents asking the government to allow them to conceal carry. Denisha Allen of American Federation for Children calls in to talk about school choice and how minority children are flourishing in states that allow it.
Derek from TMZ calls in to talk about Bill Walton being cancelled for using the M word, Siegfried and Roy mansion being sold, and Robert Blake passing away.
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The Joyce Kaufman Show 3-9-23

Joyce talks about her visit to California for her granddaughter’s birthday! She talks about the large gab between the extremely rich and the poor living in the same area. The Biden Administration has moved to ban TikTok from government devices but is it too little too late? Joyce talks about addiction to electronics, Bidens Budget bill, book banning and the riots in Atlanta.
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