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Latest Episodes

The Joyce Kaufman Show 2/1/23

Joyce talks about February being Black History month and Project 21’s statments on how we can improve awareness of black culture through looking at our perseverance. Joyce talks about the decline of the “Nuclear Family” and how it has led to instances like murder of Tyre Nichols, and the decline civilization in all cultures.
She also about the FBI searching President Joe Biden’s beach house.
Sentor Blaise Ingoglia calls into the show to talk about family values, constitutional carry, and how the public anger is coming from being enlightened and how it will lead to change and peace in the future.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1/31/23

Joyce talks about the debt clock, the Communication Decency Act and the balance of free speech on the internet.
She discusses life time appointments for people in power, the loss of trust in law enforcement and the tone death Department of Justice.
Joyce also talks about crime in major cities, corruption, the need for fathers in the home, and Congressman George Santos.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1/30/23

Joyce talks about what makes a great movie. She discusses lossing faith in government agencies and in the media.
Joyce discusses the call for 16-year-old’s to vote and what that would do to our political system. She also talks about the censorship of certain ideas and information on social media platforms.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1/27/23

Joyce talks about Holocaust Remembrance Day, how viruses interact with out bodies, COVID misinformation, New Zealand falling apart, and the Paul Pelosi assault video.

The Joyce Kaufman Show 1/26/23

Joyce talks about the Ukrainian war and how much the US should be involved in it. She talks about employment based on checking the cultural boxes instead of talent or know- how. Joyce also talks about Adam Shift’s decision to run for the Senate and how Donald Trump allowed on Meta again.
Shmuel Bowman of Operation Life Shield also calls in to discuss his work in providing bomb shelters and safe places for people to go during airstrikes in Israel.