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The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-18-2021

Today is Friday! Joyce talks about the backlash against woke culture. She discusses how new policies are going to create segregation with in the military. Joyce talks about Juneneeth. Derek…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-17-2021

Today is Thursday! Joyce opens the show with a few feel good stories. She then talks about the integrity or lack there of, in the Democratic party. The Supreme Court…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-16-2021

Today is Wednesday! Joyce talks about Trump’s statement about the situation at the US border. She discusses how other leaders of the world are laughing at our current president ….

Joyce Kaufman: No Restraint Ep. 58

California is verging on becoming a failed state and my kids live there. This is the consequence of left wing policies and if we’re not careful it’s coming to a…

The Joyce Kaufman Show 6-15-2021

Today is Tuesday! Joyce talks about the Governor of Florida’s decision to sign a bill that starts every school day with a moment of silence/prayer. She talks about IIhan Omar’s…