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Life comes at you fast! Every episode of The Cool Dad rules tackles a situation and asks, ‘What would YOU do?’ Bill Adams brings you the situational life skills you need to develop a mindset to handle anything life throws at you.

Latest Episodes

Scary Scam! The AI Voice Cloning Kidnapping Scam And How To Defeat It

Bad guys are already utilizing artifical intelligence to scam people out of money and this one is scary. They can perfectly clone a loved one’s voice with just a few words and tell you they’ve taken them hostage. Red flags to watch for and what to do if it happens to you.

How To Prep For A Layoff

When you can smell a layoff headed to your office, there are things you can do to prepare for the stink that comes with it!

How To Stop A Bully

The recent tragic death of New Jersey teen Adriana Kuch has raised awareness of the teen bullying issue. What about on the interpersonal level? How does a bully operate and what stops bullies of all ages? Certain communication techniques that everyone should know.

How NOT To Talk About Tik Tok

There are lots of reasons not to be on the Tik Tok app, but nagging about it will get you ignored by young people especially.