The Cool Dad Rules

850WFTL and Sunny 107.9’s Bill Adams has survived raising two teen girls! Bill gets into tales from parenting battle lines as well as interviews from the world’s most famous parenting expert. Finally, a podcast for Dads in Florida!

Latest Episodes

Using The Uncool Emoji Made Me Old

Bill learns the hard way how using the ‘wrong’ emoji makese us look extremely old, but there’s a parenting rule to be learned with that.

Get Unstuck From The Toxic News Cycle!

Bill speaks with Samantha Buckley-Hugessen, author of ‘Unstuck Yourself’, on how to break the constant negative media messaging invading your family time.

I Demand School Choice!

Bill makes his pitch for not only parents having a say in education, but kids as well.

Now This Is Tough Love Parenting!

Bill tells the story of a family that got creative in punishing their teenage son for taking the car for a joyride.