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Life comes at you fast! Every episode of The Cool Dad rules tackles a situation and asks, ‘What would YOU do?’ Bill Adams brings you the situational life skills you need to develop a mindset to handle anything life throws at you.

Latest Episodes

From Garbage Man To Harvard Man! An Amazing Story Of Self-Belief

I’ve got the incredible story of Rehan Staton for you in this episode: a man who worked his way through high school and college as a sanitation worker…..and made it all the way through Hravard Law! The self-belief lesson this teaches all of us is priceless. ~ Bill

Bossed Around: How To Weed Out Lousy Employees

Even Elon Musk has trouble getting people back to the office. Over-indulging entitled emplyee has led ot a massive problem in the workforce – but there’s a solution. A communication solution! I’ll tell you how in here 🙂

Appreciating Teachers! (It’s Their Day)

Who was the best teacher you ever had? Mine was a mean English teacher and he was awesome lol. On National Teacher Appreciation Day, I’ll take a look at how we can let them know we appreciate what they do.

Stop Defing Yourself By Age

So…science has figured out the Fountain Of Youth.?! So What. YOU define what youth is, and set your own standards.

Adult Crybabies: Passenger Screams About Screaming Baby

The viral video of a man losing his mind about a crying baby on a plane has the internet divided – justified or not? My question is this: how do you handle a grown adult who’s having a hissy fit. Here’s how!

Scary Scam! The AI Voice Cloning Kidnapping Scam And How To Defeat It

Bad guys are already utilizing artifical intelligence to scam people out of money and this one is scary. They can perfectly clone a loved one’s voice with just a few words and tell you they’ve taken them hostage. Red flags to watch for and what to do if it happens to you.