Full Rigor

Veteran Florida Investigative Journalist Karen Curtis explores true-crime, life and death cases in her own back yard that influence the nation and the world. The podcasts include exclusive audio and ground-breaking true-crime investigations.

Latest Episodes

Episode 5 "My Dentist Gave Me HIV/AIDS"

Going to the dentist is terrifying enough, without the fear of contracting a deadly illness. On this episode Karen and Jen are talking about the first person in the world…

Episode 4 "A Gator Ate My Husband"

North Florida law enforcement believed an alligator ate a Gainesville woman’s husband after he fell out of a boat duck hunting 17 years ago…then the case was cracked wide open,…

Episode 3 "101 Ways to Get Rid of a Body"

In this episode Karen and Jen talk about how difficult it is to get rid of a body, especially the blood at a crime scene. There are numerous ways killers…

Episode 2 “I’m My Mother’s Dead Sister”

This episode features Karen’s past life regression by the world-renowned psychiatrist and author of the best selling book, “Many Lives Many Masters,” Dr. Brian Weiss who lives in South Florida….

Full Rigor Teaser

This is a thumbnail “idea” of what to expect from the “Full Rigor True Crime” podcast franchise where everything has a Florida connection.