Full Rigor

Veteran Florida Investigative Journalist Karen Curtis explores true-crime, life and death cases in her own back yard that influence the nation and the world. The podcasts include exclusive audio and ground-breaking true-crime investigations.

Latest Episodes

Episode 110: Cryptocurrency Crime

The advent of cryptocurrency is fueling these recent ransomware hacks according to Dr. James Stroud, inventor of the “Stealth coin” cryptocurrency. This week a new task force of American cybercops…

Episode 109: Serial Killers vs Spree Killers

Are mass murderers supplanting serial killers? Improved forensic science such as DNA has allowed law enforcement to arrest budding serial killers before they can rack up three or more murders….

Episode 108: Little Red Truck leads to "Redrum"

A classic, fully restored, one-of-a-kind cherry red 1971 Chevrolet Cheyenne truck leads to a double murder of a couple near St. Petersburg.  The real killer planted evidence to steer police…

Episode 105: Death Without Parole

At the age of 14, Palmetto Bay middle school student, Michael Hernandez, fatally stabbed and slit the throat of a his best friend and classmate in a bathroom stall. Hernandez,…

Episode 103: Rosie Ruiz Runs Amok

As a marathon runner herself, Karen explores the bizarre story of Cuban-American fraudster Rosie Ruiz who was the Boston Marathon’s women’s division winner in 1980, until she wasn’t. After she…