Full Rigor Florida True Crime

Veteran Florida Investigative Journalist Karen Curtis explores true-crime, life and death cases in her own back yard that influence the nation and the world. The podcasts include exclusive audio and ground-breaking true-crime investigations.

Latest Episodes

The Docket: Teens Ransack Florida Mansion

This week stupid Florida teens break into a Seaside mansion, throw a party and stream it on social media. Also, Ghislaine Maxwell is sentenced for sex trafficking Palm Beach County girls.

Episode 166: Ghislaine Maxwell, who's your daddy?

As Jeffrey Epstein’s sex slave procurer, Ghislaine Maxwell preyed on more than 60 girls, many from Palm Beach County.
She was just sentenced for her dirty deeds. Here’s her full story.

Episode 165: Mysterious Missing Persons

Civil rights attorney and actor, comedian Tyler Perry team up to help find two Black men who went missing after both were in the custody of a Collier County sheriff’s deputy three months apart.

The Docket: Caught on Camera with a Body

This week on The Docket, one Florida criminal, an 8-time felon, captures himself on his own surveillance cameras dragging a dead woman’s body around his house. An open-and-shut case for police in Manatee County. Plus, a mother mourns the death of her young daughter who was gunned down in her own car at a Tampa intersection.

Episode 164: Guardians for the Missing

There’s more water in Broward County than there is land, if you count the Everglades. Waterways are a pretty common place for vehicles, evidence and people to go missing. Karen talks to one woman who is a Guardian for the Missing.

Episode 163: FSU Frat Fiasco

On this episode of Full Rigor, a true crime story directly from a Florida State University student who is in fear for her life after a vicious cat fight.

The Docket: Pillowcase Rapist Arrest

Advanced DNA technology helped South Florida cold case investigators link a man known as the “pillowcase rapist” to a string of sexual assaults stemming back to the 1980s. Also, more gun violence involving Florida children pulling the trigger.

The Docket: Texas Shooting affects Parkland Shooter's Jury Selection

Prospective jurors in Broward county are being asked about their feelings on the death penalty for convicted killer Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz this week, only this time in the shadow of another deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas.  But did the mass shooting in Texas sway potential jurors’ sentiments in favor of the death penalty for Cruz?
Also on The Docket, a deadly gator attack and parasailing mishap. 

Episode 162: What a Way to Go

Death by septic tank. This week Karen dives into the horrific drowning death of a Jensen Beach woman who was thrown into her own septic tank alive.