Tune in to experience the most innovative residential real estate and exterior property show to ever hit the South Florida airwaves. Evan Sophir is a top producing and award winning real estate agent with The Keyes Company. Evan was just ranked the #1 agent in his entire office for Sold Volume in 2021. Jeff Sophir is the owner of Natures Experts which is a symphonic family of companies that provide unparalleled services for all of your indoor and outdoor nature needs. On this show, Evan & Jeff discuss the latest on the real estate market and will show you each week how to maintain and add value to your home through curb appeal as well as many other strategies. Reach out to the guys TODAY!

Evan Sophir I 561-866-6036 I evansophir@keyes.com I www.evansophir.com

Jeff Sophir I 561-702-4251 I jeff@threlkelbotanicals.com I www.naturesexperts.com

Latest Episodes

How I Got Started

Evan takes us through how he got involved with Real Estate and why he has always enjoyed it so much. He also shares details about both a new sale and rental listing. Meanwhile, Jeff gives a full update on the outdoors and what is taking place here in FL towards the end of summer.

There Are Deals To Be Had

Evan makes it clear that attaining a home for a price you’re comfortable with can still be 100% possible. He can help you navigate in this new market. Jeff takes us through how his team is protecting properties throughout the heat of summer. Reach out to the guys so they can help you!

A Stress-Free Working Relationship

Evan and Jeff share tips and information on how they always make the process as easy and smooth for their clients. Evan details his new listing in Delray while we also welcome our new sponsors.

Physical Evidence With Dr. David Lipman

Chiropractor extraordinaire Dr. David Lipman joins Evan and Jeff as they discuss what sets them apart in their professions, tips and tricks for a healthier back and how to add value to your property.

Mortgage Rates Update

Evan’s special guest & mortgage lender Courtney Douglas joins us to discuss everything mortgage related that people need to know. This is your Real Estate market update.

Sun Sentinel Featured Condo On The Water!

Evan shares the details of his new listing on the intracoastal in Boca Raton which is being featured in the Sun Sentinel. With lake and ocean views, this is an “Excellent” buy. Jeff goes through examples of landscape safety hazards than he can help fix on your property.

Is the market softening?

Evan answers the question if the real estate market is calming down at all. Also, he details the 2 biggest factors that can kill a deal so you will know what to look at for. at the same time, Jeff details how to prevent the ongoing storm and potential hurricane damage.

Creating a presence, with Jay Berkowitz

Internet Marketing guru Jay Berkowitz joins the show with Evan & Jeff as a guest to how businesses & professionals can stand out from the pack with an online presence. Also, Jeff details hurricane season preparedness and readiness.

The other half of Natures Experts

Evan is joined by Jonathan Wolfson, co-owner of Natures Experts. They discuss how Evan saved a client $10,000 by giving proper guidance as well as some of Florida’s new regulations, and much more.

Answering Your Questions

Evan & Jeff answer audience questions in detail. Tune in and get to know the guys much better both professionally & personally.