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Pilot who nearly died from an aneurysm mid-flight speaks out

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We are hearing from the pilot who suffered a potentially fatal aneurysm while flying a single engine plane earlier this month.

Kenneth Allen spoke in a press conference from Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center where he was treated after the life-or-death event.
He was  joined by the Palm Beach County heart specialist who treated him for the ruptured aorta.

Allen became incapacitated mid-flight and an inexperienced passenger landed the small plane at Palm Beach International Airport with a help of an air traffic controller in the tower at PBIA.

Darren Harrison was a passenger in the single-engine Cessna when Allen suffered an aortic aneurysm during their May 10 flight from the Bahamas to Fort Pierce.

He told the Today Show, “I had to start trying to lift him out of the way so I could climb in the seat and fly the airplane.”

The cardiologist who treated Allen at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center also spoke and said Allen is doing very well after the tear in his heart was repaired.

He is now trying to recover from open heart surgery, especially a sore sternum from his chest being cracked, and has an excellent prognosis.

Allen says he feels better every day, but says he still frequently gets tired.   But all in all, he’s lucky to have survived both the aneurysm and the novice pilot’s landing of his plane.