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Photographer comes face-to-face with massive shark while off Florida coast

A Florida captain and photographer captured an amazing up-close moment with a massive shark.

Captain John Moore was out diving, several weeks ago, off the coast of Palm Beach County, when he came face-to-face with a massive bull shark.

“She came powering right up through the bulls,” Moore said. “She was super dominant, just right in the forefront of everything.”

Moore is a captain with Florida Shark Diving. He heads up the local operations. He is also an experienced diver, photographer and conservation advocate.

Moore’s photos show the massive creature as it fed. Moore said the creature appeared to be pregnant.

“She looked like she was ready to pop. She was almost like round. She was so big,” he said.

According to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, bull sharks are considered by some experts to be more dangerous than great white or tiger sharks.

“A lot of people hear the word bull shark and they think ‘scary intimidating predator,’ I don’t see them like that at all,” Moore said.