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Personal trainer dies of caffeine overdose due to measuring mistake

coffee Cropped Hands Of Woman Scooping Ground Coffee From Reusable Container, Lleida, Spain

A 29 year-old personal trainer has died after he overdosed on caffeine due to a measuring mistake.

The incident occurred in Colwyn, Wales.

Officials say the victim Tom Mansfield, purchased a 3.5 oz. bag of caffeine powder from Blackburn Distributions which was intended to be mix into his sports drink.

According to the report, the recommended serving is between 60 and 300 mg but due to the product not having a measuring scoop and a flawed kitchen scale, Mansfield miscalculated the dosage.

The mistake proved fatal. Medical personnel reported that Mansfield ingested the equivalent of 200 cups of coffee in a single drink with a 0.2 oz scoop.

Mansfield’s wife told police that her husband told her that he felt like his heart was beating too fast. When she checked up on him, she noticed that he was foaming at the mouth so she contacted emergency personnel.

Paramedics tried for about 45 minutes to revive Mansfield, however, he was pronounced dead at an area hospital.

Blackburn Distributions has since released a statement reassuring the public that their products now come with a measuring cup and enlarged user instructions.