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Pelosi Prays Next to Trump at 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

This morning during the 68th annual national prayer breakfast President Trump called those behind the effort to impeach him dishonest and corrupt people. The President spoke this morning at the National Prayer Breakfast with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi sitting only a few feet away. Before speaking, Trump held up newspapers with banner headlines announcing his acquittal. He said he has been through a terrible ordeal and that his opponents are doing everything possible to destroy us, and by so doing, hurt the nation.

The theme of the nonpartisan breakfast was loving your neighbor. Before the President spoke, Harvard professor Arthur Brooks called on politicians to help heal the divide that he said is tearing the nation apart. When Trump began his remarks, he told Arthur he didn’t agree with him, and that he was not likely to approve of his speech. The President appeared to take shots at Pelosi when he criticized those who say they pray for him but don’t. And a shot at the one Republican to vote to remove him from office, Utah Senator Mitt Romney. He was speaking for friends and enemies, and said sometimes your friends are your enemies. The theme of the prayer breakfast was “Love thy neighbor.” Trump admitted he was having a difficult time with loving those who tried to impeach him. The annual National Prayer Breakfast brings more than 3,000 people to Washington for a couple days of networking, prayer and meetings including the central event, the breakfast, at which the U.S. president always speaks. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy used his prayer to call for an end of the divisions in Congress. He included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer in his prayer.