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PBSO Plans to Remove Homeless Tent City from John Prince Park

Palm Beach County Mayor Dave Kerner says a plan is being implemented between county officials and the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office to remove homeless people from John Prince Park in Lake Worth.

Kerner says the park has around 90 tents.

“It’s unacceptable and things are changing,” adds Mayor Kerner. “Having met with the sheriff, having met with the county administrator just as early as yesterday but going back several months; action will be taken and removals will begin soon.”

He did not provide details of the exact plan.

“There are things that we can do to make sure removal takes place, wrap around services are provided, and even making sure that those in there that have warrants are taken to jail and given trespass warnings, things of that nature,” Kerner explains.

He says the goal is to have the park return to a family-friendly place because, “It’s really not acceptable to have one of our parks be a place where a community is starting of homeless people,” he said.