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PBC Mayor Not Ready to Open Bars, Citing Concerns Over Protests

Commissioners Want Palm Beach County Added To Floridas Reopening Plan

As Palm Beach County seeks Gov. DeSantis’ approval to move to Phase 2 of his reopening plan, the county’s mayor is not ready to reopen bars.

County Mayor Dave Kerner explains the daily average of coronavirus cases has jumped since Phase 1 reopening.

With that in mind, he worries the number could increase even more with the ongoing protests in our area.

“It’s not the protests that we’re worried about, it’s the people that impose violence and property destruction. They are not protesting the death of George Floyd, best I can tell. The concern is, that’s where those bars are typically housed, and there’s only one purpose to go there, and that is to drink,” he said Friday during a news conference.

Kerner added that he hopes to allow bars to reopen as soon as possible and when it is safe.

Not word yet on when that will be.