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PBC Commissioners Approve Multi-Million Dollar Homeless Solution

More than 100 homeless population call John Prince Park their home, and now a multi-million dollar solution has just been approved to help them.
As it stands the homeless continue to encroach on people using John Prince Park for family fun and exercise, but until now they had no other option.

Last night, Palm Beach County commissioners approved a plan, which is called “Leading the Way Home,” to build a multi-million dollar temporary shelter for the homeless at the former Palm Beach County Central Jail, located across from the state fair grounds.

The facility would house up to 125 beds for homeless individuals and couples and would provide hot meals, showers, restrooms, laundry and lockers.

The taxpayer price tag for the temporary shelter is $5.5 million a year to operate, and a start up cost of just under $1 million to open its doors. A portion of those dollars are going towards social services that will assist with employment, transportation and permanent housing.

Residents near the facility said this is a lot of money to invest in a temporary fix. They are also worried about safety and question the value of their property.

If the plan goes through, administrators said there will be an ordinance at John Prince Park that individuals will no longer be allowed to sleep in the park, unless it’s a designated compound.