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Patient reportedly turned off her roommates ventilator because the sound annoyed her

(AP Photo/Sakchai Lalit)

(Mannheim, Germany)– A 72-year-old hospital patient has been taken into police custody after she reportedly turned off her roommate’s ventilator repeatedly because she was annoyed by the sound.
The incident occurred on Tuesday at a hospital in Mannheim.
Witnesses say that when the woman first turned off the ventilator, they explained to her that her neighbor’s life depended on the oxygen supply that the ventilator supplied.
Despite nurses telling the woman how vital the machine was to her 79-year-old neighbor, the woman again accessed the machine, and turned it off.
The 79-year-old woman had to be revived due to the incident. She is said to still be in intensive care, however, nurses reported that her life is not in danger.
The suspect was brought before a judge on Thursday and charged with attempted manslaughter.