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Pasco County Deputies mistaken eviction caught on video, “We have the wrong house”

(PASCO COUNTY, FLA) — A Pasco County woman, Jennifer Michele, was surprised to receive a Ring doorbell alert this week showing two deputies and a locksmith at her front door.

Michele said they were drilling through her lock and threatening to evict her.
Initially Jennifer thought she might be a victim of a home invasion and then she was shocked to find out it was an eviction because she owns her home.
Once she identified herself, Pasco County Deputies realized they were breaking into the wrong house.

They told Michele that they meant to go next door where the eviction was properly noticed last week.

In addition, they were sorry and that the locksmith would install a new lock to replace the one he had broken.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s office says the incident was a mistake and is now under investigation.

Jennifer says she was happy she was home to stop the mistaken eviction and whatever else that would have entailed like possibly finding all her belongings at the curb.