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Parents sue PBC School District over mask mandate

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Pre-K students March 24, 2021 in public school. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan, Pool)

Eight parents filed a federal lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the Palm Beach County School district’s mask mandate…calling the masks “muzzles.”
The suit was filed by the Florida Civil Rights Coalition and says the district’s mandatory mask mandate is not supported by science and adds that “Children have a one in a million risk of dying from COVID-19.”

The lawsuit refers to masks as “experimental medical devices detrimental to life and liberty” and says the masks infringe upon the students’ constitutional rights “to due process, equal protection, bodily autonomy (and) privacy.”

It also cites the 14th Amendment, saying the students have “the right of personal autonomy, bodily integrity and the right to reject medical treatment.” This lawsuit by parents representing eleven students is different from the other lawsuit filed by parents challenging the governor’s parental option. Specifically, parents are suing DeSantis for giving them an option regarding the health of their own children.

Also, Governor Ron DeSantis is threatening to fine local governments $5000 for every violation for requiring employees to get the COVID vaccine as a condition of employment.
He says vaccines in Florida are “available to all but mandatory for none” adding Biden’s push for a nationwide vaccine mandate is “unconstitutional and federal overreach.”