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Parents of teen driver that caused a crash that killed 6 face lawsuit


According to a Sun Sentinel report, a lawsuit has been filed against the parents of a teen that caused a crash killing 6 people near Delray Beach in January.

Robens Innocent, on behalf of his late wife, Mirlaine Julceus, is seeking financial damages from Noah Galle’s parents, Craig and Helena Galle.

The lawsuit, filed by attorney F. Gregory Barnhart, accused the parents of being responsible for any “negligent acts” by their son, saying they had a duty to ensure he drove safely.

The lawsuit says Julceus’ 9-year-old daughter was “ wholly dependent upon [Julceus’] services and support” and has incurred “mental pain and suffering” as a result of her death.

Noah Gall, who was 17 at the time of the crash, was driving a 2019 BMW, speeding up State Road 7 just west of Delray Beach on Jan. 28, when the BMW collided with a car full of people, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

In a news release, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office checked off a box titled “Alcohol/Drugs,” indicating that investigators were examining whether the teen was under the influence. Galle’s injuries were minor, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Though no charges have been filed, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office said this week its investigation was ongoing,

The lawsuit says Galle “negligently operated his motor vehicle by failing to observe traffic conditions,” drove excessively fast and failed to yield the right of way, leading to the collision.