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Parents of infant who died at daycare Florida daycare center reach a $5 million settlement

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HOMESTEAD, FL– The parents of a 9-month-old boy who died while in the care of his daycare center, will receive a $5 million settlement.
The settlement was announced by the family’s attorney on Monday.
“Families rely on daycares so that parents can go to work and children can be cared for and learn; safety should be of the utmost importance,” the firm said. “Lincoln Marti broke the law. They failed Tayvon and his family and this settlement holds them accountable for what they did.”
In July, Tayvon Tomlin was found struggling to breathe inside of his crib while at the Lincoln Marti Schools daycare.
A staff member reported that they put him down for a nap and when returned, they noticed he was not breathing.
Surveillance video shows a staff member enter the room and immediately notice Tayvon struggling to breathe.
The teacher then takes him out of the room and attempts CPR on the infant.
“When a provider finally re-entered the room, she immediately discovered Tayvon breathing, but in distress and can be seen taking him out of the room less than one minute later,” the firm said. “Lincoln Marti’s CPR attempts demonstrate that its staff was not properly trained to respond to this emergency.”
Tayvon was then airlifted to a children’s hospital where he was pronounced dead.
In October, the infant’s parents announced that they would be suing the school due to their “incompetence, poor training, and inadequate staffing.”
According to the report, one staff member was left in charge of eight infants, including Tayvon.
“Florida law requires there be one provider to every four infants,” the attorney stated.
A press conference regarding the settlement is scheduled for Tuesday.