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Parents of girl falsely accused of sending school threat file suit

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The parents of a 13-year-old who was falsely arrested for sending a threat towards her school last year are now suing the school, Facebook, and Instagram.

The family of Nia Whims announced the lawsuit on Wednesday.

In the lawsuit, the family claims those involved in the investigation of the threat did not properly investigate it which resulted in a child being placed in jail for several days:

“Failure to promptly investigate this easily discoverable information by the Pembroke Pines Police caused N.W. to remain in a juvenile detention facility away from her family for 11 days,” the complaint stated.

Whims was arrested on November 9th after post threatening the welfare of students at Renaissance Charter School appeared on an Instagram account registered to her name.

A teacher reported the Instagram posts to the police department and after finding the account was registered under Whims’ name, authorities took the child into custody.

It was later determined that another student at her school used Whims’ identity to post the threats and even send threats to herself while pretending it was Whims.

Whims reportedly spent nearly two weeks in a juvenile detention center even after being interviewed by police and volunteering her iPad.

A lawyer for the family claims that the those involved in the investigation have been working to cover up their mistakes.

“As we all know, sometimes the coverup is worse than the crime,” Marwan Porter said during a Wednesday morning news conference.

The family is also putting the Pembroke Pines Police Department on notice of their intent to bring them into the lawsuit.

A 12-year-old girl has since been arrested after investigators found that the IP address actually linked the other student to the threatening messages.

“At this time we have presented charges to the state attorney and the current suspect is facing the felony charge of written threats to kill or do bodily harm,” the police department said in a news release.