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Parents get your refund! Log into your Florida Prepaid college account now

Florida Prepaid College Tuition program is working to return $200-million dollars in refunds to families who overpaid.
You should log into your Florida Prepaid college account to see if you have a refund, then keep it or roll it into a new plan for another child.
Spokeswoman Meredith Westheimer says more than 30-thousand families are owed an average of $4700 dollars each.

After yearly price hikes, then-Governor Rick Scott instituted a plan to make college more affordable which led to the cessation of tuition rate increases at Florida’s public colleges and universities for the past six years.

Westheimer says you may want to use the money to start a new plan for a second child.
The $50 application fee is being waived for people who sign up before October 31st, to be automatically enrolled in February. You can visit My-Florida-Prepaid dot com for information.