Cops Under Siege 2!

Ever since the first Cops Under Siege Panel, you have been asking us to revisit this topic.  We will do just that with Cops Under Siege 2!  Join Rich Stevens on Facebook live Friday, September 14th from 11a-12p as we discuss issues facing police and our communities. This time, we have added new guests and you are invited to the studio to participate on the “LIVE MIC”.  Signup here

Panel Guests

Christine McIntyre (retired)-Early in her career, she was involved in a life threatening on the job incident which almost took her life. Her recovery was over seven months and the emotional trauma destroyed her career.

Patrick Franklin-Urban League of Palm Beach County President & CEO

Sgt Frank Danysh (retired)-Founder of Adopt a Cop USA

Sheriff Al Lamberti-Former Broward County Sheriff

Rich Best-Team South Florida

Watch Cops Under Siege 1 here: 


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