Watch:Active shooter and soft targets panel

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With the recent tragedies in El Paso and Dayton school and students returning to school,  850WFTL’s Karen Curtis hosted a special pop-up panel on school safety, soft targets, and whether or not West Palm Beach is ready for a potential active shooter.

She was joined by West palm Beach mayor Keith James, Fire Chief Diana Matty , the Palm Beach County School District Police Chief Frank Kitzerow, and a panel of experts will address how to identify and protect yourself from an active shooter.

How do the new safety systems work? Do bullet proof backpacks work? What precautions should I be taking?

Find out by watching the video below:



WPB Mayor
Keith James
Mayor Keith James was sworn into office earlier this year and has since taken many steps to better

our community and keep us safe.

Before he became mayor he was also involved in the community as a  business owner and lawyer who worked with many small and medium size businesses, and local residents, to help them achieve their dreams by guiding them through complex legal issues.

His experience working with some of Florida’s top law firms and his Harvard education has served West Palm Beach and our residents well.

Diana Matty

WPB  Fire Chief

West Palm Beach Fire Chief Diana Matty oversees all emergency response from hurricanes to mass casualty situations for the West Palm Beach Fire Rescue.

 Coming from a family of firefighters she also plans to increase training for firefighters to ensure their safety on the job.

Stuart Kaplan

Former FBI Agent and Profiler

Mr. Kaplan is a former FBI Agent and profiler who has appeared on various newscasts related to issues of great public concern.

He also is the Founder and President of KSGRMG and serves as Senior Managing Partner of the affiliated law firm of Kaplan Sconzo & Parker, P.A.

Hector Delgado

Retired Navy Seal and Federal Law Enforcement Officer

Hector Delgado is a retired Navy Seall and Federal Law enforcement Officer.

He has since created an active shooter notification system called ASR that can be used in schools, businesses, and other public areas.

(AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

Frank Kitzerow

Palm Beach County Schools Police Chief

Frank Kitzerow is the Police Chief for the Palm Beach County School district. He will be talking about the

steps the school district has taken to help ensure the safety of students and school staff members as well

as steps we call all take ourselves to be better prepared in the case of an active shooter.

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