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Palm Beach teacher washed out student’s mouth with hand sanitizer

A Palm Beach County middle school teacher has been suspended after school district officials found she used hand sanitizer to wash out the mouth of a student who was talking too loud in her class.

Guyette Duhart was ordered a 10-day suspension without pay by the Palm Beach County school board.  Officials say she will try to appeal the suspension.

The student told administrators at Polo Park Middle School in Wellington that Duhart told him he needed to have his mouth washed out with soap. Duhart admitted to school investigators that she put the hand sanitizer near the student’s mouth but said that he grabbed the bottle and pumped it into his own mouth, the Palm Beach Post reported.

The student rushed out of the classroom after the incident.

School investigators said six students told Palm Beach County school district officials that the teacher grabbed a bottle of hand sanitizer and pumped it into the student’s mouth.

Duhart did not respond to messages seeking comment.