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Palm Beach County may get a new area code

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State regulators plan to meet next week to consider a proposal to add an additional area code to Palm Beach County.

The proposal comes as many people have begun to move to the area causing a shortage in the numbers available under the 561 area code.

According to the proposal by the North American Numbering Plan Administrator, the new area code would cover the same area as the 561 area code but new customers will receive the newer area code instead of the 561:

“All existing customers would retain their current area code in the overlay area and would not have to change their telephone numbers,” the proposal said. “The implementation of an overlay requires mandatory 10-digit dialing for local calls, including calls within the same (area code).”

The 561 area code which is “nearing exhaust” according to the report, was established in 1996. The new code is projected to meet needs for 23 years.

Palm Beach County isn’t the only county that is to receive a new area code. According to the report, the Florida Public Service Commission has approved new area codes for Central Florida, Northwest Florida and the Tampa Bay areas in the last three years.