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Palm Beach County makes top 20 list of greatest rise in rent values

Florida Daily Life
Miami resident Paul Stynmiller, originally from France, climbs a palm tree before harvesting a coconut, as he exercises on South Beach, in Miami Beach, Fla., Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2020.(AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell)

If you live in Boca, Palm Beach Gardens, Wellington or Delray Beach you are officially on the list.

What list you ask? You are on the list of the cities that have the greatest rise in rent values.

According to a survey by Insurify, a homeowners insurance-rate comparison tool.

Palm Beach Gardens tops the list with a 10.55 percent rate hike. The median rent is $2,158.

Wellington is third with an 8.28 percent climb and a median rent of $2,262. Boca Raton is No. 9 with 6.85 percent climb and a median rent of $2,074. And Delray Beach is No. 20 at 5.63 percent and a median rent of 1,858.

With all of the snowbirds and people flocking to Florida, is this really a surprise?

Insurify analyzed apartment list rent estimates to come up with the figures.